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How I became vegan

I will be the first to admit, my initial step on this pathway was a purely vein one. I was attempting to lose the weight you gain when you are unhappy. I was unhappy with my career choice, working too hard for a company that couldn’t care less about me and I was taking that unhappiness home. I married my husband in May 2015 after being together for 5 years, we hardly ever saw each other. If I wasn’t at work I was out for drinks with my colleagues after work. It was an extremely unhealthy way of living and it caught up with me very quickly. I was also smoking just under a pack a day. Yuck!


In Oct 2015 I decided to quit my banking career to pursue something else. I wasn’t really sure what I could do, I had been in banking for last 7 years, so I started to do some research based on my interests. I came up with Interior Design. I starting studying and got myself a part-time mindless job.

I started to be happier, no late nights out on the town and three-day hang overs.

In January of this year, I left my part-time job to work with my husband at his antique restoration company The Furniture Doctor, I run the office and it allowed me to study when I like. Which made me ever happier. I was living a life again.

In June I decided to take it a step further and try to quit smoking, I have failed at this previously but this

time felt different. I thought it would be easier to focus on something positive to aid me in quitting. I thought a raw food diet would distract me enough to get through the first two weeks. My loving husband said he would do it with me and that really helped. I got through the two weeks living on juice, smoothies and salads. I felt great and lost 5 kg.

I started watching food documentaries to give me some inspiration. Fat, sick and almost dead, Cowspiracy and anything else that Netflicks had at the time. I started doing online research about where our food is coming from and what our bodies actually need. I came across Fullyraw Kristina, she was everything I wanted to be. Healthy, happy and full of energy.

By the end of the two weeks I decided to just keep going, I have now seen too much and I’m to well-informed to go back to my old way of life. The purpose of this blog is to inspire small changes to everyday life. We can be cruelty free, healthy and happy.

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