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Ice cream for breakie

The only problem with ice cream for breakfast is the morning brain freezes.

I was going to make smoothies the other morning  when I remembered I had a whole bunch of frozen nanas in the freezer.

Banana nice cream only takes a few minutes longer then a smoothie and just seems way more fun!

You can pretty much throw anything into the mix  but I have given you a simple, quick recipe that you could have everyday if you wanted to.

Serves 1

2-4 frozen bananas (depending on size and hunger level)

3-5 chopped dates

1 Tbl chia seeds


fresh blueberries

dried white mulberries

1 tsp raw cacao nibs (more if you are feeling naughty)

Pulse the chia seeds and dates in your blender for a minute. Add the frozen bananas and blend until they turn into your creamy delicious breakfast. Scoop into your bowl and add your toppings.

Eat and enjoy you tasty breakie.1579


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