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Red (wine) Juice

Sick of being hung over all of the time?….
I feel ya! I have recently stopped drinking red wine every night of the week and so I have come up with few different beverages to drink. I was surprised how good I felt after three weeks of not drinking, that I don’t think I will ever go back to my old routine.
This one looks a little like wine, don’t get my wrong I’m not trying to porn this off as wine, it is quite tart and will leave you feeling fresh and healthy the next day.
I know this is a little more work than just cracking a bottle, but if you have the time to juice I think this is a viable substitute.

If you can not get frozen cranberries sub raspberries.

3 cups frozen cranberries – thawed
1 red apple
1 orange
5 cups black grapes
Add all ingredients to your juicer on low speed.

Strain and pour into your carafe.
Much love xx

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