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Hello lovely people,

I hope you are all doing well. I made a few notes over the last week and thought I would share them. It has definitely been harder than I thought it would be. I thought giving up booze for 100 days would be a piece of cake and whilst i’m sure it will get easier as I go, this week as surely been a rollercoaster of emotions.

I have had a mixed response from friends and family – no shock there – but for the most part it has been a positive and supporting week. Anywho, heres a quick recap of my first 5 days.

Day one – the hangover story

I guess day one doesn’t really count as there was no way I was going to drink with this hangover. The night before was a great night. Dinner out with friends and then drinks at a Jazz bar in Perth. One bottle of red, two champagnes and three martinis later I was ready to head home to bed. I didn’t actually feel that drunk, until 7am the next morning when my precious baby Maizey woke up.

As this is a regular occurrence I knew how to deal with it (lots of water and way too much food). Luckily Maizey must have been able to tell I wasn’t 100% and she was very happy to cuddle all day and not do much else.

I managed to read “How to go Alcohol Free” from front to back in a day. This really helped me understand what I was doing and why. It also showed that even though it is only 4 wines a night, that is not normal. Even though I’m not very “drunk” I was drinking way too much and that it could affect my health as well as the people around me. I decided that day to make a change, albeit only for 100 days, this might be the kick start I need to make lasting changes. I was pumped!


Day two – still a little pumped

With a fresh head and still excited about my choice, not to mention I was feeling way better than I didn’t yesterday ( I love that feeling the day after a hangover) I started my day with a healthy breakfast before heading to Ikea to do some shopping with my mother inlaw.

By lunch time though, I was starting to regret my promise I made to myself – I hadn’t told anyone yet so I could totally just have a glass of wine that afternoon. I kept thinking that if I do this what will people think?, will I look stupid?, what if I fail?, what if i’m boring and my friends don’t want to hangout anymore? For the rest of the day this was going through my head.

I had to keep reminding myself why I was doing this. I was sick of the hangovers, not spending enough quality time with bub and hubby and for my health.

Wine’O’ Clock sucked! A mocktail barely helped. Bed would be the answer, it would all be better in the morning.

That is if I can get to sleep. No such luck, everything was keeping me up. Shane snoring, the clock ticking, Maizey waking and my brain just wouldn’t turn off. I think it was about 3am that I passed out.


Day three – at least I have work today

At least I can be distracted today! Work went quite well, I was a little grumpy, I’m guessing from the lake of sleep.

One conversation towards the end of the day really threw me though. A chat with my dad.

This started off the normal way we chat once a week just to catch up. I told him was I doing – the 100 days – and straight away he told me it was stupid. “What is the point?” “People who don’t drink are boring” “Why can’t you just have to one or two and then stop?” He went on to tell me that mocktails and alcohol free wine is cheating, I said that I disagreed but he was admit he was right and I was cheating. I didn’t realise that there was only one way to break a habit, If I knew he had all the answers I would have gone to him years ago!… after letting him know “how supportive” he was being I changed the subject so I didn’t say something I would regret once I had had some sleep.

We had a lovely dinner at my favourite Pho joint and had an early night – yay sleep!


Day four – getting easier

Woke up feeling great, took Maizey for a nice breakfast before I dropped her off at daycare.

I’ve now switched to decaf.

A little shopping for Shane’s and a quick toasty at Earth Market – haven’t really thought about a wine as yet.

I bought a journal and started to reflect on the past few days. Feeling strong.

Later that night I realised I had eaten so much that day, I jumped on the scale and I have put on 2.5 kgs in the last few days…. I guess I am over eating to compensate.

Trying not to hat myself too much I had a nice long bubble bath, listened to some Moby and then had another early night.


Day five – the headaches begins

I tried to get up to go to the gym – I have no excuse right?

I just couldn’t get out of bed, my head was pounding. We had playgroup so I had to get my act together. We were 30 mins late. Why is it that I am never late when my head is fuzzy from booze, but four days clean and I can’t get motivated?

We even left play group 30 mins early – I just couldn’t be bothered.

Next we heading to my girlfriends house to help her design her reading nook. This was actually great, working really helps distract me. We chatted about booze and Karen felt the same way, she is trying not to drink as much as well. It was nice talking to someone that is going through something similar.

Lastly Maizey had her first swimming lesson in the big girl class – she screamed the entire class… a great way to end the day….


Day six – tired but motivated

Today we had Ballet, Maizey was her usual crazy self – at least she is having fun. 🙂

I have dropped her off to daycare and I am now writing this blog . I feel so much better today. I’ll pick Maizey up before wine’O’Clock so I am not tempted, but I think today is going to be a good day.

I might even do a little cooking and post a new recipe.

much love xx


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