Hello beautiful people!

Hi, I’m Jade, I’m 31 and live in Western Australia.
I never really thought I should write a blog, I’m a terrible speller and I’ve never really had anything to write about.

In June 2016 I decided to become vegan, well I decided to quit smoking (after 18 years) and do a juice fast to distract me. That then lead into raw food.

I watched a few documentaries on food and starting following some raw foo


dies. From raw I decided that I would stop eating meat. That then lead to many more documentaries and a month later I was vegan.

Do I miss meat, dairy and eggs? Nope.

Everyday I find new and exciting ways to cook healthy food for my loving husband, family and friends.

I’m vegan for the animals, my health and the earth’s health.

I hope I can inspire you to feel the same way.