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Zucchini and sweet potato lasagne

Hello my beautiful plant based friends. Today we are making a lasagne.I was tossing up making this one raw or baked, but than decided to bake it. My hubby prefers cooked over raw foods, but don't worry I sneak in lots of raw into his diet... Ingredients Pasta sheets: 2 zucchini - mandolin into thin… Continue reading Zucchini and sweet potato lasagne

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Cauliflower Wings – Three ways

Ahh, the simple cauliflower. Not the most popular of veggies for most.... until they try it this way! I remember a few years ago my husband said "I don't like cauliflower" he also said this about brussel sprouts, zucchini, cucumber and gnocchi. Although I have not converted him on raw zucchini or any cucumber, I… Continue reading Cauliflower Wings – Three ways